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An Author’s Word: Kavita Gupta

1.If not an author which other creative field would one find you in and why?

May be a Gardner. Everybody in my family and friends find me relaxed and happy with soil and plants. It gives me satisfaction and peace.


2.What does the written word mean to you?

Means a lot, but some times I feel that a writer doesn’t write.  It’s some power which makes THEM  WRITE. SOMETIMES when one writes it is so amazing that even the writer is surprised by the outcome . So it is not always the writer or his  thoughts  or his behaviour,  I feel it is some natural power that makes them write.


3.Your personal favourite five authors in any genre.

  • Amrita Preetam 
  • Harishankar Parsai 
  • Pash 
  • Maxim Gorki 
  • Khalil Gibran 


4. What is your favourite word, in any language, and how would you describe its meaning?

‘OM’  however for me it is not a word,  ‘Om’ is power, positivity, energy, light, every thing! 


5. E-Book or physical book? What do you prefer and why?

I personally prefer physical books. FIRSTLY I feel some relationship with the smell of paper and ink.  Other than this I find myself comfortable while reading physical books as  e-books stress my eyes.  Maybe l am from that generation which has grown up with physical books only.