Valley of Words

Valley of Words celebrates creative expressions across all genres .. the written and the spoken word, and beyond .. the world of puppets, theatre, music, photography, art, craft , besides the quest to understand the temporal and spiritual realms… it gives space to new and hitherto lesser known forms of creative expression

Valley of Words believes that literature and art has the potential of engaging people of all age groups, especially students and youth to look beyond the immediate , to place ‘facts’ in perspective, to question the ‘why’ ,to engage in lateral thinking and explore options that have the potential of making the world a better place

Valley of Words encourages the young and the old alike to transcend their limitations to scale new heights , explore new passions and most importantly, discover the art of listening , engaging in critical discourse and appreciating excellence in others !

VOW 2018

The second edition of Valley of Words is scheduled for 23-25 November, 2018. We look forward in welcoming you for 3 days of joyous celebration.


The Shivalik Hills Foundation Trust Second Floor, Santosh Tower, Saharanpur Road, Mazara, Dehradun 248001. Uttarakhand, INDIA





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