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प्रिय भाई,

देहरादून की  लिट फेस्ट की परिकल्पना ही ऐसी अनूठी रही और उस पर संजीव चोपड़ा दम्पती के साथ आप और आपके अलावा अन्य सभी सहचिंतक, सहयोगी, इस परिकल्पना को साकार देने में जो दरियादिली और कर्मठता दिखाई, उसने मन मुग्ध कर दिया। सब कुछ बहुत संजीदगी भरा था। तीन दिनों की मीठी यादें लिए हुए  और देहरादून वैली की गूंज अपनी स्मृतियों की जेबों में भरे हुए।

ओम निश्चल

देहरादून में  वैली ऑफ वर्ड्स की ओर से आयोजित साहित्य उत्सव इस नगर के लिए ही नहीं, पूरे उत्तराखंड राज्य के लिए जीवनदायक था. इसकी परिकल्पना जितनी खूबसूरत थी, संयोजन उतना ही भव्य. मैं समझ नहीं पा रहा हूँ कि किन शब्दों में आप के प्रति आभार व्यक्त करूँ. दरअसल, यह आयोजन कर पूरे देश के लिटफेस्ट वालों को आइना दिखाया है.

बुद्धिनाथ मिश्र


Greetings and my warm thanks to my newly found friends and the dozens of volunteers who silently oiled the wheels of the VOW and kept it running smoothly.


It was a great beginning and I wish you every success in your future events.

Kishie Singh

A very good and well publicized event.

Roshen Dalal 

A job well done. You had put your heart and soul into it that was evident. Congratulations!!!

Girija Gopalakrishnan Author 

It was wonderful being part of the Valley of Words festival. Enjoyed every moment in Dehradun. My sincere thanks to all the organisers.

Chithra Madhavan

Great to be with you all! warm regards

Sagarika Ghose

Attendee Testimonials

My name is Umang and I have always wanted to congratulate you guys on someone who had some connections to dehradun in the past it warms my heart to see the literary effort...I checked 2017’s program and it was awesome!!!

I live in Boston (US) - not sure I can be there for VOW 2018... but I would love to. My best wishes once again and do post the program link closer to actual dates


It was an outstanding success from my vantage point.

Maureen Murari

It was a wonderful atmosphere annd not just a collection of the usual "suspects" who move from one Lit Fest to another pedalling their books.

The subjects were well chosen and the speakers held great interest.

I am sure this event will grow from strength to strength.

Sanjaya Varma

Hearty congratulations on the success of Valley of words.

Raghwesh Asthana 

Looks like it was a huge success. Well done!

Ann Graham

Such a conglomeration of great minds. A very enriching experience to say the least. Congratulations to the whole team on a successful start to the Valley of Words festival and looking forward to many more in the future.

Preeti Somani 

No doubt -- job very well done.

All the best moving forward.

Sunny Bakshi

Congratulations! Heard it was a great success.

Asfiya Rahman

Congratulations to you for having pulled off a magnum opus in a most memorable style. I must confess that the Fest exceeded my expectations, for which you and the team you picked up deserves rich praise. I must thank you for having given me an experience which was enriching and educative.

From Aloke Lal, ex DGP and Adviser Urdu 

I would like to thank you for giving my girls of Sunny's Amanat a platform to share their work in your Valley Of Words Literature and Arts festival at the Madhuban Hotel, which was so well organised and a success.

We were very happy to participate and everyone who came to see our exhibition really appreciated their paintings, poems and books.It was equally heartening to see the happy faces of the girls and their self esteem and confidence.

Kusum kohli

I write to congratulate you on the grand success of VOW, even in its debut edition. As I said in the Khushwant session, all of us who were there this time will recall with pride that we were there at "First Day First Show," a privilege our successors may envy as the festival goes from strength to strength in the succeeding years. 

In my limited time at the festival, I enjoyed and learnt from all the sessions I attended, but let me not go on. Except to add that the welcome we received at your festival was more personal and warmer than at most places I go to.

Harish Trivedi

What you achieved in VoW is simply amazing. I do know it was very hard work, arguments, chaos and other problems. Maureen and I enjoyed every moment of VoW, meeting other writers, poets, historians who were all so friendly. This is  rare in other lit fests.

Timeri Murari

Congratulations on the very first edition of the Valley of Words Literature Festival being such a great success; it surely has a very bright furure. The extremely hard work put in by both of you has paid off. I greatly enjoyed the experience of attending my first Litfest. 

Ranjit Gupta 

Now back in Delhi, a little bit of Dehradun has come with me in terms of happiness I felt attending all the sessions of the festival of literature. More than anything else,  the sincerity of the effort came though in its magnificence. I can only say: appreciation, appreciation and appreciation.

Savita Singh

Really commendable effort. It will grow bigger and better with time.

  Deepak Gupta

A festival with great potential. Happy to give a few pointers for smoother rollout. And the VoW tag differentiates it from the proliferation of local festivals .

Namita Gokhale

I did not get an opportunity to say a proper goodbye but do wish to thank you all very warmly for the great arrangements and ambience that you all worked so hard to create for VOW. I tried to attend as many events on the only day that I was able to be present and saw every exhibition and craft display and I can tell you as a veteran of many such events that you can all take a bow.

Ira Pande

VOW 2018

The second edition of Valley of Words is scheduled for 23-25 November, 2018. We look forward in welcoming you for 3 days of joyous celebration.


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