Surendra Singh Pangtey


Surendra Singh Pangtey is a former bureaucrat and social activist hailing from the remote Munsiyari region of Uttarakhand. He has been raking up core issues linked to the betterment of the people of the state at various forums. He was in the thick of the recent anti-corruption movement, spearheading the campaign in the state. He has also expressed concern over unnecessary delays in the execution of works of reconstruction and rehabilitation post disaster.

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What struggle you had to go through as belonging to the upper Himalayan region to become a Civil Servant? What according to you is the status now?

The struggle was extensive, as a native of the upper Himalayan region- a region covered by people usually showing interest in the trade culture, I found no godfather nor any guardian which alone made my journey quite worth it. Talking about the status of today, the struggle still exists. However, the difference remains in the kind of it. Where back in our days the struggle was of lack of knowledge regarding the subject and nowadays it is that of lack of support by the people in power.

Would you like to relate your journey as an IAS Officer?

My journey stood very interesting as I started of as an army officer post the 1962 China War, however, soon after the inception of my journey as an Army Officer I had been called to start over as a civil servant. The fact that I had not been trained to become a Civil Servant nor I’d even planned to, keeps it more happening.

The festival is paying tribute to Dr.RS Tolia with the RST forum.How has Dr. R. S. Tolia inspired you?

His thirst for knowledge and general curiosity about life had kept him interested in a wide range of subjects which made him such a knowledgeable human being. Writing and researching on subjects that were based on radical issues on generality which have now become a matter of social awareness is what sets him apart from the rest.

How do you think will the Literature Festival be able to influence the Literary culture of Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand remains the centre of interaction for many neighbouring states as well as even countries. This fact caters a huge amount of information to be covered through literature. Which further only expands the literature culture of Uttarakhand. Thereby, this festival provides us with a great platform to be able to not only exhibit the notabilities of Uttarakhand and its vast literary culture but also throw light on the unreported Uttarakhand tidbits.

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