Sher Singh Pangtey is the curator and owner of the Tribal Heritage Museum, a one of a kind museum in Munsiyari which provides a glimpse into the history and culture of Bhotiya tribe of Uttarakhand. Pangtey started collecting thousands of items displayed at the museum in 1985, eleven years before he retired as a history teacher from Munsiyari Inter-college. He believes in doing so to help the younger generations in case of reference and extensive study over the subject. He has written 18 excellent books on the history, folk and culture of Uttarakhand.

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What drove you towards exploring the Bhotiya tribe?

Owing to the fact that I belong to this place, I have been able to closely witness the minutes of this tribe. The fact that quite a number of people are oblivious to the tribe, I decided to enlighten people regarding its social, geographical and social background. And also that I wish to draw the higher authorities’ attention towards the abandoning of the villages by the people to come and settle in the plains is one such reason which encouraged me to address this subject.

Would you like to mention any one interesting incident that took place amidst your search for some intriguing articles for the museum?

The extensive travel across the Himalayas is an interesting element alone. I have travelled across the country as well as abroad, however, the peace I received amidst my search for articles here in the Himalayas remains inexplicable. Moreover, the discovery of some hundred year old items made it even more interesting.

How hard was it for you to search for such articles?

This remains my field of interest. I do not only love my job, I also live it. So this made it really easy for me to continue with my long journey in search for some archaic articles. But I would like to commend the support and help I received from the people belonging to the upper Himalayan tribe, who readily lent me their special and exclusive belongings.

How are you looking forward to this Literature Festival to help you communicate the notability of the Bhotiya tribe to the rest of the people?

The fear of the fading culture of the Bhotiya tribe, a group of ethno-linguistically related Tibetan people, makes me look forward to the Festival with great expectations. I am deeply interested in communicating to the world the unfolded beauty of the Bhotiya Tribe through this excellent conference of numerous knowledgeable people.

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