Pankaj Dubey


Pankaj Dubey is a Bestselling Bi-lingual Novelist and Filmmaker. Both his titles What A Loser! and Ishqiyapa-To Hell With Love, published by Penguin Books India have been written by him in Hindi as well.. He accentuates the socio – political undercurrents with quirks and humour in his style of writing. He has been a Journalist with the BBC World Service in London. He was also selected for the prestigious Writers’ Residency in the Seoul Art Space, Yeonhui, Seoul, South Korea amongst three novelists from Asia in 2016. His next title, “Love Curry” (Penguin) will hit the stalls in October’2017. It will have a ‘Valley of Words Launch’ in Dehradun during this festival.


How did you gravitate towards writing? Please walk us through the initial years.

‘Storytelling’ comes quite naturally to me. Since my childhood, I have always been experimenting with all its forms be it Theatre, Public Speaking. Creative Writing, Radio, Televisionor cinmea. I realised quite early that ‘writing’ is perhaps the only thing that is fully in control of one’s won imagination and skills. That inspired me to consolidate the craft. ‘Love Letters’ were the first and the most honest form of ‘Creative Writing’ during my school days. I used to provide my generous services to many of my friends. I still believe that you have to be at your creative best to arrest the attention of your readers right from the first sentence you write.

What inspired you to write each of your books in two languages?

The idea to reach out to the maximum number of people inspired me a lot. I also did a little research to discover that most of the ‘Commercial Fiction’ writings for the ‘Young Adults’ were in English. The ones in Hindi were just the translations. So, I thought of writing originally in both the languages. I feel the ‘sense of humour’ of the readers of both these languages are quite different and a translation could not be the appropriate answer.

How do you manage to be equally proficient in both, Hindi and English? Is there still any bias towards either of the language?

The medium of my learning has always been English but Hindi is my mother tongue. I love both the languages equally. I feel it’s quite important to reach out to our existing and new readers in as many languages as possible. Language should never be a barrier but a facilitator.

I am sure some of the budding writers would love to know how to get published and what process to adopt. Please enlighten.

The best thing to share is the realisation that we are in the most exciting times of ‘Digital Age’. The new media has played an instrumental role in democratising things. Now you don’t really need to know the Editors or people who know Editors to get published. If you feel you have a passion for writing you can start writing your blogs. You can make your presence felt by the impact that your written words may create. Once you are able to attain this, rest assured that Publishers also need great content as much as you need them. You will be contacted. So, my advice for the budding writers is to write regularly and be in sync with the ‘New Media’.

How would you draw a parallel between the media of our country and that of abroad?

Our media is faster than any other media in the world as it is focussing a lot on ‘Speed’. What needs to be done more is in the area of ‘Accuracy’. Our Media should realise that it is just a ‘medium’ to carry the messages and not the ‘message’ itself.

How has your understanding of journalism evolved over time? What message do you have for aspiring journalists?

‘Evolution’ is quite a ‘seminal’ term . My stint with Journalism was quite a short one (Some five years) before I shifted to ‘Fiction’.But yes, I would love to request all aspiring journalists to try to be fearless and honest if they really want to make a mark and excel. Besides, there should be a balance between the matter of heart and mind.

What are you looking forward to in upcoming the Art and Literature Festival, 'Valley of Words'?

I look forward to meet and interact with young and fresh minds from across the World. I am quite keen to be a part of their ‘imagination’, ‘dreams’ and a ‘vision’ for future. I strongly feel that we should work a lot on the younger and budding enthusiasts of literature and should restrict ourselves from burdening them with unnecessary and boring stuff. It’s an urgency of all art forms to connect with the ‘Youth’ to keep it alive without compromising with the soul and essence.

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