Neha Bahuguna


Neha Bahuguna is a storyteller and poet born in Uttarakhand. She lives in Mumbai and works as a conceptualiser, writer and lyricist for web and television

The first edition of the Valley of Words, International Lit and Arts Fest 2017 has been organized from November 17-19, 2017 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
We look forward to your ideas, and your valuable suggestions to make this a truly interactive festival of and for Dehradun !

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Please tell us a bit about your literary endeavors.

I am a writer, poetess and designer. I graduated from National Institute of Design. I try to combine my flair for writing with my love for design and visual thinking

How difficult is it to survive as a poet and storyteller in contemporary times?

It is not that easy but I work as a conceptualiser, writer and lyricist for web and television. The shows cover a range of topics from the history of food to making craft and design accessible to children. I write primarily in my mother tongue Hindi, I use my work to illustrate the nuances of everyday life, drawing a great wealth of inspiration from my childhood and my hometown in Uttarakhand, bringing forth the majestic Himalayas, its folklores, myths and characters into my creations.

Have you tried to popularize poetry being a young achiever in the field?

Yes,I wanted to take my love for storytelling one step further, I started Bol in 2016 – a platform to encourage closeted (and not so closeted) writers to explore the reading and performance aspect poetry and short stories. Along with finding more avenues to set up Bol, I am also currently conducting workshops of “The art of Storytelling” for children and adults.

What will be your role in the upcoming Valley of Words: International Lit and Arts Fest 2017?

I am really excited to perform poetry and storytelling at the festival.Uttarakhand needs a contemporary poetry movement,the Valley of Words could kick that off to inspire budding poets and storytellers.

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