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Mamta Kiran has participated in various Poetry events in India ,England, Northern Ireland and Wales.She has featured on Akashvani,Doordarshan and various private news channels for poetry recitals.Her Poetry collections have been highly appreciated. She is considered to be one of the stalwarts of Hindi Literature and Poetry.She has been published in almost all reputed literary magazines of India.

We look forward to your ideas, and your valuable suggestions to make this a truly interactive festival of and for Dehradun !

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How did you gravitate towards literature?Please share the journey with our readers.

I was deeply interested in reading as a child and the practice of reading the works of others developed in me a sincere urge to write something myself. That is how I was driven to write some of my initial poetry and after a reasonable level of recognition and appreciation, I graduated to writing Ghazals.

What is your opinion regarding the reading culture in our country?

I wouldn’t hesitate to talk about the reading culture if we really had one.The internet revolution and mobile phones have shortened our attention spans which is quite alarming. Reading is an essential tool for lifelong learning. It is important for everyone to develop the rudiments of reading and the culture of reading always so as to survive in life. Reading adds quality to life and provides access to culture and cultural heritage, it empowers and emancipates citizens and bring people together. Due to technological development, reading habits are changing. In our society today, while technology is slowly taking a steady control over individual lives, the reading habit is fast vanishing into thin air.Students now lack the skill of reading. Instead, they spend more hours on electronic media. Browsing the net, playing with funky handsets and passing non-stop messages seems to be the order of the day, thereby making reading a book or any other piece of written material in a quiet or peaceful corner of a library or home become an archaic idea for most school children and adults.

What kind of content, do you think, should be incorporated in school text books?

Text books play a significant role in shaping the minds of the young generation. They have the power to not only enlighten but also influence young minds. It is, thereby, their responsibility to have content that inspires the young minds and encourages them to think big. Any poem or chapter that is based on inspirational life events must be encouraged and the practice of replacing such motivational content with any new stories should be avoided as we already have a brilliant and well-established syllabus.

What is your message for contemporary writers?

I would suggest the aspiring writers to learn to manage their time properly before planning to do anything. They must be able to make time for themselves in between the trendy busy lifestyle. Moreover, I would advise them to invest their precious time in reading valuable content first and then produce some of their own. I would also like to convey to the younger generation a hackneyed notion of watching, reading and listening to only good things and avoiding any sort of connection with negativity.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming Art and Literature festival, 'Valley of Words'?

I am very grateful to have been invited to participate in the debut edition of ‘Valley of Words’. I am sure it is going to be a relevant and a very meaningful festival in terms of the discussions it would hold. I am looking forward to meeting some learned people from across different disciplines and the endeavour to learn by engaging in conversations with them invigorates me to a great extent.

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