Lokesh Ohri


Lokesh Ohri is an anthropologist and a heritage preservation idol. Ever since the inception of his career he has taken up numerous heritage walks reintroducing the notabilities of our heritage to the interested audiences to help them return intellectually enriched. He believes in promoting slow tourism to foster the restoration of the Kumaon Hills and many significant forts in the Himalayan region.
We look forward to your ideas, and your valuable suggestions to make this a truly interactive festival of and for Dehradun !

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What encouraged you to take up anthropology or commence with these heritage walks?

My love for mountains and the fact of huge repository being stored here which needed to be conveyed to many who are still unaware of, encouraged me to opt for so. I believe that the place we are residing in is rich in heritage and culture which urgently needs to be projected in front of the vast audience for it to be valued.

How has Dr. R. S. Tolia inspired you? How, according to you, will the RST Forum contribute to the festival?

Dr. Tolia remains to be a one-of-a-kind bureaucrat who knew the field inside out, owing to not only his deep networks with the people belonging to the same region as him but also his thorough research and quest for learning more. He inspires me as I aspire to know as much as he did to be able to connect well enough with the social and environmental concerns of the Himalayan region. His dedication has truly inspired me to do something if not exactly the same, however, for the same cause.The RST Forum will, of course, be dedicated to honourable Dr. Tolia, however, will primarily cover the contributions of great surveyors such as Pandit Nain Singh who devoted his life exploring the Himalayan region.

As a Heritage preservation idol, how do you think such nature walks are important for revising the heritage of Uttarakhand?

Such heritage walks imply showing history as you walk along the route. Where you talk about the place and its historic significance and reintroduce people to the wealth of the Uttarakhand heritage. It involves a wide cross-section of people, nevertheless, targets mainly on the youth to educate them with the true essence of our rich heritage. These walks are important as they give common men the privilege to visit special places they are otherwise denied entry into.

How do you think could this first ever Literature Festival help Dehradun promote its literary culture?

We already have a rich literary culture with great authors living amongst us. However, just how every artist needs an audience, our writers, too, need the right audience to speak to and communicate with in order to convey the power of literature and awareness. This festival is going to stir activeness amongst the writers, readers or anybody remotely associated with this arena and take the culture of Dehradun literature a step forward.

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