Dr. (Mrs.) Kusum Ansal is a well known name in the writers world. She is an extraordinary novelist, poet and a short story writer. In her writing, she puts together many vivid, haunting recollections of incidents and life of people from different walks of life, with an unusual skill which explores the inner terrain of individual existence.She posses Master Degree in Psychology and Ph.D. in Hindi Literature. She is an author of 32 books, which includes 10 novels, 10 collection of short stories, 7 poetry collection along with 3 travelogues, an Autobiography and two stages plays.

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What have been your influences as a writer?

It depends what inspires me, people around me, social system of society, its problems or some incident or whatever stirs my inner conciousness and sensibility. I try to delve deep into it, to discover its real truth and nature and then it becomes my creative piece.

It is of paramount importance for a writer to be socially aware.

Kindly tell us about your literary endeavours?

Shuffling between the busy world of business and the creative world of literature is not a life which many people opt for.It gets quite difficult to be honest.I have tried to maintain balance between the two diametrically opposite professions. I have authored thirty two books, which includes ten novels, ten collections of short stories, seven poetry collections along with three travelogues, an autobiography and two plays. I write in English as well – have written three Novels, two travelogues, two Poetry Collections & one short story collection. Some of my work have been translated in various languages like Russian, Greek, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali etc.

I have always tried to keep churning out good literary content.

You write in both Hindi and English? Is it difficult to be prolific when you are doing that?

Writing in both the languages is very satisfying. I used to write in Hindi but then I wrote my travelogues only in English and two collections of Poetry and novels. I do not know about others but for me its a pleasure.

What do you think are the features that distinguish your writing from the others?

I feel that my ability to write in different genres makes me stand out.I have written Novels, Stories, Poetry, Travelogues along with my auto biography which others do not ,most writers take up one style either Novel or Poetry. Secondly, I have written about the burning issues dealing with women’s social conditions. My “Widow of Vrindavan” is a highly acclaimed novel.

What are your views on the state of hindi literature in india today? Is it dying out?

Nothing is dying out, I think that’s a clichéd and over hyped phrase – that it’s happening. Literature doesn’t die. The medium changes. We used to read paperback books, now we read on kindle, we read on Facebook, we read blogs; so the medium, the expression changed, it has become more democratic. We used to go to publishers and editors earlier who would reject it. Today you can write your poems on blogs and express yourself, and get people who appreciate your work. There is a different cyber culture today – every newspaper uses the online medium to get articles out as well. So I think this is a lot more democratic because people get to have their say more. But I don’t think literature died out. Just like in case of cinemas, we say that the Golden Age of movies is dead and gone, but it’s still there.

Is the Hindi syllabus in the current education system enough to ignite the minds of the students and interest them in the subject?

Why not? It’s not that the Hindi syllabus is not good enough. I think it’s a matter of thought merely and we’re suffering from a syndrome where English is considered a language of the elite. We should be proud of our mother tongue

What in your opinion regarding the budding writers of today who aspire for not the best but best sellers?

Some of them are writing well but some of them write only to become best sellers – they have no substance and their work is over rated.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming Art and Literature Festival?

I am looking forward to meeting other good writers and to interact with them. Would definitely want my own literature to reach others who do not know me. It will be a good opportunity to be with the book lovers and breathe literature!

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