Ganga Prasad Vimal was born in 1939 in Uttarkashi, a Himalayan town in Uttarakhand state. In most of his writings, he has shown his concern about saving the Himalayas and nearby regions and preserving trees.He has written seven poetry collections, four novels and eleven story collections. He has translated five books into English. He has also translated fifteen books from other languages including poems, stories and novels.He has received many awards and honors for literature and culture . Notable among them include the Poetry People Prize (1978); Diploma from Art University, Rome, Gold Medal from the National Museum of Literature, Sofia (1979); Dinkar Award from Government of Bihar (1987); International Open Scottish Poetry Prize (1988) and Indian Language Award (Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad) (1992).

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Every writer finds an inspiration which forms the basis of his creative writing . Tell us about how you began your creative quest ?

I belong to a region so beautiful that I have all the reasons to showcase this beauty in the form of poetry. In fact, it is these magnanimous mountains that remain my direct inspiration.However the issues affecting the lives and livelihoods of people, especially those living in the remote areas needs an expression ! And I have been trying to do just this

What is your opinion regarding Uttarakhand and the evolution it has undergone?

I believe Uttarakhand to be one of the most significant regions of the world. The fact that this state, situated in the middle of the Himalayas and serves as its spinal cord . This makes it a crucial place. Many artists have found their inspiration from mounatins , the glaciers, the rivers and the valleys of this state. However, Uttarakhand has undergone an immense transformation over time , and change is a continuous process.

Kindly tell us about your literary endeavours.

I hesitate to call myself an established writer, yet, I would like to mention that I have written five novels whose content primarily revolves around Uttarakhand. I have received immense critical feedback for my work which generally covers the stark reality . For instance, the portrayal of politicians as mere headhunters who take away people’s lives for their own selfish reasons. However, I never cease to believe that it is a writer’s responsibility to reflect what his eyes see, through his work. Besides that, I have written quite a number of poems which again, are pretty realistic and easy to comprehend.

If you were to advise the aspiring writers, what would it be?

I believe that every aspiring writer must have a pragmatic reason, to begin writing in the first place. He must write for a certain relevant cause for his work to convince the readers. I also believe that a writer must have a good command over the language before he plans to start writing, For instance, my felicity in the use of Hindi enables me to connect with the readers quite effortlessly.

What is your opinion about the upcoming Art and Literature Festival, 'Valley of Words'?

I will be frank : I am not big supporter of these festivals, yet, I look forward to some meaningful dialogues during these days. I am glad that Valley of Words is being held in Dehradun – a town which deserves recognition as a place where intelligent discourses are held. I look forward to interacting with other authors and engaged listeners !

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