Dr Om Nishchal is a eminent Hindi Poet-lyricist,

Critic and the linguist and lives in Delhi. He is at present the Senior manager (Official Language) in

Allahabad bank New Delhi Zone.

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Kindly share the experience of your initial years as a writer

Being native of Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh I came in contact with our teachers who were catalytic element in bringing me to the field of literature. My grand father used to say that Nachai Gave tore taan, wahi ke dunia raakhe maan. Means A person who sings, dances and breaks new ground is respected by all. My teachers were very fond of listening poems. They provided me the collection of poems of various Poets like Neeraj, Bachhan, Dinkar and Prasad etc. and I was reciting them in the assembly and other programmes of the school. Apart from this I was a village fellow so I was attracted with nature and the natural surroundings. This created the charm of poetry in my entity. When I went Lucknow for higher studies my first poem was published in Navjeewan Daily by Mr. Yogindra Dwivedi the literary editor of its literary supplement. Soon after postgraduation I was associated with the Information Deptt UP and its eminent literary periodical Uttar Pradesh I started writing poems, lyrics and articles regularily. Here I had opportunity to meet various literary personalities coming to the Deptt. This encouraged me a lot.

What would you like to say in context with people's bleak interest in Sanskrit? Should there be any change in the education system in order to make the students connect with it better?

Sanskrit is the basic abd source language of almost all the Indian languages of the country. If this is not regarded and honored well then the cult and culture of the country will be diminished shortly. I think that neither the Govt nor the individual is concerned to the fate and future of this language. Rather this has been made the language of rituals. This has degraded the importance of this sacrosanct language and reduced it to chanting and reciting shlokas only. The educationists and the Govt should made the syllabus necessary for all students up to the high school level so that they should be aware of the ancient culture and the tradition of golden treasure of the language of our society.

What do you have to say about the change in literary culture with the advent of the digital world?

Yes I endorse the digitalization of the world going on day to day worldwide. Even though It is also changing the scenario of the culture and human civilization. The literature of all core and corners are now available over internet which has given us opportunity to analyse and assimilate the essentials of the characteristics of the cultural dimensions of the literary arena but at the same time it has also influenced the masses for change themselves gradually. The cultural oneness is detrimental to the distinctions of the literary cultures.

What is your opinion regarding the budding poets of today who aspire for not the best but best sellers?

Yes the trend has dramatically changed fast in this regard and the poets are running behind cheap popularity. They want to be best sellers, not the best one, by hook or crook. They prefer to go to the poetic forums and recite there poems for the sake of the entertainment where as the poetry is not meant only for entertainment but As Mammat and other Sanskrit Scholars has said the poetry is for the fame, it should be meaningful and for the wellbeing of the humanity. It has already been said that “sahitya Bhav: Sahitya: “

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming Art and Literature Festival, 'Valley of Words'?

I look forward this festival in the real sense of the festival of words. If we have to flourish and publicise the meaningful elements of literature it would really be a new dawn to the Cultural Revolution. The greater numbers of the public are not literary literate. We should educate the public this way by organising poetic symposiums, literary discussions at various level and make them aware of the contemporary writings of all genres.

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