Bhavdeep Kang has been a journalist for over 30 years. She has worked with The Times of India, The Sunday Observer, Indian Express, The Pioneer, The Telegraph, Outlook and India Today, writing mainly on politics and agriculture. She is now an independent journalist and writes political columns for a variety of publications and news portals.We look forward to your ideas, and your valuable suggestions to make this a truly interactive festival of and for Dehradun !

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What according to you is the ugly side of the Indian Politics?

I will begin the answer of this question with a quote by P. J. O’Rourke which reads, “Politics is a necessary evil”. However, according to me the conflicts over identity-based entitlements project the ultimate dirty side of our Political system. The tendency to address the electorate in terms of distinctions of class, caste or creed is the saddest part. In a system where secularity is present only in the form of a delusion is another stark reality, as even the poor ruling party has to make sure that its top minister belongs to a caste as that of majority of the citizens of the state.

How have you targeted the 'Spiritual sector' in your book, 'Gurus: Stories of Indian Leading Babas'?

I’ve showcased the big brands which now dominate the spiritual space, created through smart marketing and strategic targeting of ‘consumers’, who are offered an array of spiritual ‘products’, to suit their diverse demands and capacities. My book, ‘Gurus’ covers the provenance and evolution of the gurus and leaves it upto the readers to form an opinion.

Is Literature the most decent medium of projecting the indecency of the political world?

Undoubtedly! Nothing could bring out the excesses of Emergency as brilliantly as the book by O. V. Vijayan, ‘Saga of Dharmapuri’ has done. I believe, that political satire expresses public sentiment more effectively than any other medium.

How do you think could the Literature Festival be an onset of a whole new literary culture in Dehradun?

Generations of scholars have been bred in Dehradun’s renowned educational institutions. Men of letters have always found not just inspiration but a niche in the magical mountains. That precious tradition needs to be kept alive. This is what this literature festival is exactly expected to do. By shackling the rigid conventions, throwing open the agenda to a variety of views and, hence, bringing young readers on board.

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