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Mr Ashok Kumar is a senior Police Officer of Uttarakhand Cadre. He is also an author of repute and sportsperson of high standing. He served in various challenging assignments in the state of UP and Uttarakhand. He received the UN Medal for serving in strife torn Kosovo in the year 2001. He was awarded the Indian Police Medal for Long and Meritorious services in 2006. He was also awarded President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service on the occasion of Republic Day 2013.
The first edition of the Valley of Words, International Literature and the Arts Festival 2017 has been organized from November 17-19, 2017 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
We look forward to your ideas, and your valuable suggestions to make this a truly interactive festival of and for Dehradun !

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How have you been able to evolve as a person owing to your service as an IPS officer? And what made you switch from Engineering to Civil Services?

The first reaction I had after joining as an IPS Officer was to feel happy to have had found the most suitable job for myself. Moreover, I never believed myself to be a hard worker until the very day I stepped into the Civil Services, which brought a sense of realisation of how hard could I work since I was in a profession of my own choice and taste.The fact that I couldn’t connect to the field in even a span of two months made me realise that this is something I may not enjoy doing. Hence, leading me into switching over to Indian Police Services, something where I could have a direct impact on a given situation and also help people directly as this was a public service oriented profession.

How difficult was it for you to crack the IPS exam and what message do you have for the youth to be able to do so?

Unlike, mathematics or any other subject, it is more than just the mental functioning or memory. It, rather, revolves around perseverance and aptitude. I believe if a person has the aptitude to perform a task, he will automatically excel in it. Moreover, he could perform even better if backed with perseverance and right level of patience. This is what my book, ‘Cracking the Civil Services Examination- The open secret’, highlights, too. It could be of some serious help to the civil service aspirants.

How did being a sportsperson help in your job as a Civil Servant?

I find the two (Sports and Civil Services) being closely associated. Both, a sportsperson and a civil servant, with an honest motive of serving the country and thriving to achieve for its success and pride. Being a sportsperson in my early days only helped me become an even more active civil servant. Also owing to my activeness in the field of sports, I was appointed the incharge of the Uttarakhand Police State, the facilitation of which helped us produce an Olympian.

Please tell us a bit about your book, 'Human in Khaki'? How does it project policemen ?

Human in Khaki strings together real life incidents and anecdotes of a career in the Indian Police Service. It revolves around the life of an officer who having been born and bred in a rural landscape emerges from IIT, Delhi, discovering his true calling as a cop with an intention to serve.
Moreover, ‘Humans in Khaki’ brings out different facets of how outcomes could have been much worse had the police not interceded. Hence, highlighting the notability of a policeman.

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