Anup Shah


Anup Sah is a Nature Photographer, an Environmentalist as well as a Floriculturist by profession. He has bagged numerous accolades for his commendable contributions in the world of photography. He was selected as one of the Top Ten Photographers in the country by IIPC in the year 1990, 1992 to 2001 continuously and 2003 – 2005. Also, more than his 3000 photographs and slides were accepted and exhibited in National and International photographic salons recognised by India International Photography Council. Besides this, he has won over 350 awards & certificates of merit in National and International salons till date. He was also declared the Best Entrant in 8 different salons. Anup Shah has had his solo exhibitions organised around the world. He is best known for his field work where he took some remarkable photographs amidst mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing.


Are there any photographs taken by you that are your personal favourite? If yes, then why?

All my photographs naturally are very dear to me, however, the ones capturing the beauty of nature own a special place in my heart. For instance, photographs taken of Kailash Mansarover, Nanda Devi Sanctuary or all those amidst my trekking journeys are the photographs that define my work and I in our true sense. Another reason why I am delighted by nature photography is that it requires a great deal of patience to bring a photograph exactly how one visualizes it. Also, the ability of how well a photographer plays with the light and manipulates the instrument to capture the best shot of the ungovernable nature projects the true talent.

In what ways have you promoted photography among the youth and helped them pursue their dream for the latter?

I am also the Vice President of the India International Photographic Council which promotes the art and science of photography and recognises photographers’ talents, achievements and services. My principal status which allows me to serve the purpose of promoting photography. Besides this, we have been organising workshops with many school students who we take to many nature tours. This is to teach them to look at nature with a whole different perspective. These workshops also enable them to interact with us and learn a little from the stories of our struggle.

How do you perceive the idea of the cult of high-end mobile phones that allow even a layman to take incredible pictures?

With a sudden splurge of highly efficient mobile phones, photography not only has come within the intelligibility of common men but has also become handy. It has become really easy for a person to click picture and transfer it in seconds. However, the advent of technology has also brought along many other technical fashions which betray the innocence of a natural photograph. They allow a photographer to manipulate his photograph to such an extent that it becomes too immaculate to be true. To use colour correction for a photograph’s enhancement is still worth digesting but something beyond that upsets me indeed.

What are you looking forward to in the Upcoming Art and Literature Festival, Valley of Words?

I feel that this is a great initiative by today’s Art and Literature festivals that they allow participation of young talented people for I believe that unless we see the work of our youth how do we get inspired ourselves. The very thought of being able to see myself learning from the works of others and contributing some of my own, makes me really look forward to the Valley of Words festival as the place this festival is going to be conducted in itself has a long tradition of beautiful and picturesque places.

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