Dr Anjali Nauriyal, has been instructor at the Indian Military Academy and journalist with The Times of India. Recipient of several award including Pride of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand Ratan, Raj Rajeshwari Samman, she has been fellow of the Ministry of Culture GOI. She currently is working for the welfare of the Girl Child through Sacred Saplings Society.
We look forward to your ideas, and your valuable suggestions to make this a truly interactive festival of and for Dehradun !

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What is your opinion on the slew of Literature Festivals that have captivated the country?

It’s heartening to see the success of these festivals. In a world where the mundane and the banal is becoming the order of the day, intellectual pursuits need to enthrall the young minds. I personally would love to join the throng of admirers for writers and authors who take us to another world with their passion for the imaginative, the prosaic, the flow of words and the like, and help us make this world a better and saner place.

You have been writing for various newspapers in Uttarakhand. Do you think that Dehradun has fulfilled its Literary potential?

Uttarakhand is a blessed land, not merely because it is amongst God’s finest addresses but also because it stirs the finer impulses in individuals. There are countless Uttarakhandis who have done their home state proud by their achievements. Doonites are mostly dreamers and writers, living as they do in a dreamland. There is something about this soil that nurtures creativity. All want to write if given a chance or a platform. It is hardly surprising that many of them turn to nature for inspiration and want to address social issues. But where are the openings and prospects? This fest, in years to come is bound to set in motion a literary revolution, create networks, and have a multiplier effect in creating credible platforms as well.

How do you think Valley of Words: International Literature and the Arts Festival 2017 can contribute to the upcoming writers, poets and artists of Uttarakhand?

Set ups and specialized services will crop up if there is demand. Authoritative foothold happens when the demand for basic ingredients is enhanced. The festival may turn out to be a game changer in this regard. We want this to happen. We want this to succeed. And this can only happen if this becomes an yearly event, a fixture that captures the imagination of all age groups in the age of internet and whatsapp.

. Please share with us some literary inspirations of yours and what the youth should read to be inspired.

When it comes to writers who have been my inspiration the list is endless and leading the brigade is Ruskin Bond the lovable writer of books that celebrate the natural splendor of the Himalayan bounty. Ruskin Bond is one of the first citizens of Doon who has a huge fan following world over and this is no mean achievement for an individual who has always lived a quiet existence in the state’s peaceful environment in a jet set age. He is one writer who should be read by each and every member of the younger generation.

Please tell us a bit about your role in the upcoming festival.

My role as a member of the organizing committee is to remain at the beck and call of other members and pitch in wherever required. And above all my role is to wait with baited breath for the main event to unfold and relish every moment when it happens!

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