Ajay Govind has over 12 years of experience as a filmmaker and corporate trainer. He is a Graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University where he studied English Literature.He founded the creative agency words. rhythms. images. in 2008.
As a trainer, Ajay is recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. He has run workshops for clients across sectors.
In 2014, Ajay’s debut feature film as a writer-director after the third bell released in theatres across 8 cities.In 2015-16, Ajay and his team line produced two feature films Shab,directed by Onir, and My Birthday Song directed by actor Samir Soni. In 2016, along with his co-composer Nitin Krishna Menon, Ajay composed and wrote lyrics for 3 songs for My Birthday Song.In addition to this, Ajay has also directed 4 music videos for independent artists. The most recent of these music videos featured the Carnatic Vocalist Dr. P. V. Bose, Mohiniattam dancer Jayaprabha Menon and was released on Mother’s Day 2016.Ajay is currently working on the screenplay of his next short film production “Hichki” which will be shot in Dehradun in October, 2017.


Your first lecture was crowd funded. Do you see crowd funding as the future for independent filmmakers in India?

My answer to this is, unfortunately, a ‘yes’. However, for that to happen, crowd-funding will have to be converted into a dependable model first. Not necessarily a perfect model but something that may also merit those making attempts to contribute. For instance, it is my responsibility as an artist to make sure that all those who contributed to the film must be surrendered the share of credit to. It may not be same as the amount of money or time invested by them but at least near to that.

What makes a film great for you? As a writer, is it harder to get started or to keep going?

For me the way a story is told is what makes the film great. As fundamentally all stories are sustained in one’s memory and it is the art of telling a story that increases their probability to be sustained. For instance, I may have viewers who figure out in the beginning itself what my story would close down to. However, it is the uniqueness in story telling that keeps them gripped till the end despite having had figured it out already.For me it is neither of the two as it was never really a challenge for me to start writing or continuing to do so. It is, instead, the art of execution that becomes much of a demanding task, I believe. The fact that it is the step where all the hard work and talent put in by numerous people is going to come together to be presented is what makes it significant.

What is your perspective about the current scenario of the Indian cinema?

I am very happy with the current scenario of Hindi Cinema as far as the short, independent films are concerned. However, I must confess that the quality of big films makes me equally sad. The big film business is becoming lazy, I believe, in terms of the script or say, the music it produces. There seems to be an inverse proportion between the short and the long films. Not long ago I stumbled upon a bunch of young boys who were listening to the music of the 80s because that is what they have faith in and not the present quality of songs and this alone defines the standard of current movie business.

You are going to have an activity during the Valley of Words Workshop that would require the students to develop a one or two page story based on what they learnt in the workshop? How do you think is it going to help them?

The activity is called Picture Perception, the idea behind which is to expose the notion that a single picture could invite several perceptions from the same person, let alone a group of people. In fact, every single aspect of one’s character can have the power to influence the way it looks at the given picture. We are going to use the picture they would have worked up on through the workshop to make it uniform and at the same time convenient for all the participants. Another intention behind this workshop is to facilitate a kind of environment where young minds are coaxed into working in groups to make it a little challenging for them to come down to a specific conclusion despite the difference in opinions.

What are you expecting from the upcoming Art and Literature Festival, 'Valley of Words'?

In a scenario where everybody is coming together for words, to have an exchange of ideas would be the best opportunity. I am, thus, looking forward to meeting good people as well good ideas in the upcoming festival. Moreover, I am coming to listen to not just new stories but new ways of storytelling more importantly. I am sure to witness umpteen energy and enthusiasm in the festival which would motivate me to come up with something of my own at the end of it all.

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