Valley of Words

  1. Submissions will only be accepted from established and registered publishing houses having offices within the territorial jurisdiction of India. One publisher can send books by multiple authors for the competition this year.
  2. Nominations are accepted in the following categories:
    • Fiction (English)
    • Non-Fiction (English)
    • Fiction (Hindi)
    • Non-Fiction (Hindi)
    • Young Adult Fiction only (English/Hindi)
  3. Five identical hard copies, non-returnable, of each book must be submitted by India Speed Post or Courier by the publisher with a covering letter stating clearly the category the book or books submitted are to be adjudicated.
  4. Eligible titles must be published in print in English / Hindi in India in the year 2017. Each entry should be the author’s original work. Books will be received in good faith and plagiarism checks should be done by the publisher before submitting a book or multiple books. The competition organizers are not responsible for any plagiarism issues which come to light post submission and even post award of prizes. All due diligence need to be taken by the publisher and the author in regard to plagiarism.
  5. The following publications are not eligible this year:
    Translations, academic books, reference books, guide books, educational materials including books made of open access study-materials online, manuals, reprints, and television, radio and film tie-ins.
  6. All books entered must have a registered ISBN number or equivalent indicator recognized by international book repositories.
  7. Hardbacks and paperbacks may be submitted in five copies as mentioned above. Soft copies of any book will NOT be accepted for adjudication.
  8. All entries must be submitted in five (5) identical hard- copies to
    Mr. Randhir K Arora
    Book World
    10-A, Astley Hall,
    Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

    Books will be received till 23:59, 31st April 2018.“Valley of Words” (VoW) reserves the right to extend the closing date of the competition. The reasons, if sucharise, may or may not be communicated to publishers who want to know in writing the reasons thereof.
  9. Proof of posting a submission is not proof of receipt by ‘VoW’. We accept no responsibility for submissions that are delayed, misdirected or otherwise lost prior to receipt by VoW.
  10. A panel of judges, including at least one member who is independent of VoW, will select a shortlist from all valid entries received in accordance with these terms and conditions. Shortlisted entrants shall be sent notifications of their short-listing on or before 30th September 2018. The VoW team reserves the right to modify the leadership team or to add therein if there are unavoidable. Events of the nature of the Acts of God category may force VoW to alter its adjudication method/team/leadership structure.
  11. A second panel of judges, including at least one member who is independent of VoW, will select the 5 finalists from all valid shortlisted entries on or before 31st Oct 2018.
  12. All the finalists for the VoW Awards 2018 or their representatives have to attend the awards ceremony to be held at Valley of Words’ International Literature and Arts Festival from 23-25 Nov, 2018 in Dehradun. VoW and its stakeholders are not responsible for any medical reimbursements to any author or publisher who submits a book or books to the competition or wins any manner of prize in the said competition. VoW will try to help each person attending the event through its engaged team of volunteers.
  13. Full details of the process of judging will be published at the www.ValleyOfWords.Org website by 31st October, 2018. The names of the judges will be known only after the awards are actually given to the authors or their authorized representatives at the Festival. While VoW believes in ethical transparency, we also believe in the need for confidentiality and fairness in the process of adjudicating the winners and each judge till the awards are announced will be bound by legal clauses to not contact the publisher or author. No publisher or author will try to find out about the judges till after the actual physical awards of prizes in each category. Judges, authors or/and publishers found unethical will be liable to prosecution in Indian courts of law. While certain criteria for good judgment may be published, the names of judges and their identities will not be disclosed before the end of the Awards’ ceremony at Dehradun.
  14. The judges' decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered by VoW with the authors or publishers even after the awards regarding the process of adjudication this year. When choosing the shortlisted books and the winners, the judges will select the entries, which in their combined views are the best in terms of set standards in the genre of submission globally. Best global practices will be strictly adhered to from the moment we receive 5 (five) identical hard copies of each book through either India Speed Post or Courier.
  15. The winners of the VoW Awards 2018 will be announced between 23-25 November, 2018 at Valley Of Words International Literature and Arts Festival and will be shared at after the actual award-giving ceremony is over. Payment of the individual prize will be made to the winning author preferably before 31 December 2018. The stay of award winning authors at Villa Kalighat, Panchkula, Haryana does not include medical costs incurred by the author during the his / her stay there. The stay is subject to further terms and conditions which will be communicated to the winning authors after the Awards Ceremony.
  16. The publisher must have the consent of the author to submit the authors’s title or titles to the VoW Awards 2018. In addition, the publisher must secure the consent of the author to participate in promotional activity, including publication of the author's name and image, in connection with the VoW Book Award 2018 on the reasonable request of VoW.
  17. The VoW Book Awards 2018 are not open to employees of VoW their family members, nor is it open to anyone else connected with the aforementioned Awards.
  18. Entries that do not comply with these terms and conditions shall not be considered for the competition. By submitting a title to the VoW Book Award 2018, the publisher of the submitted title warrants and represents that it has complied with all rules of the VoW Book Award 2018, including these terms and conditions.
  19. VoW reserves the right to not award a prize in any category whatsoever without disclosing the reasons thereof.
  20. Indian laws shall govern the VoW Book Award 2018 and any dispute arising in this regard will be subject only to Indian courts of law.

Come let us join in celebrating the Word.

VOW 2018

The second edition of Valley of Words is scheduled for 23-25 November, 2018. We look forward in welcoming you for 3 days of joyous celebration.


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