Valley of Words

The postal services in Uttarakhand were introduced during the British rule in 1816. The area of present day Kumaon, Garhwal and Dehra Dun were taken from Nepal under the treaty of Sigauli and annexed to British Indian territories as a Non-Regulation hill province. The postal rates were different and postal rules were relaxed in this area. In the year 1900 the area was integrated with the united postal administration of India.

The exhibit portrays Uttarakhand through philatelic material. The rich cultural diversity and magnificent heritage of this state is explored through philatelic world. The exhibit is primarily divided in two sections viz., pre-independence and post-independence. The first postage stamp was introduced in 1854 in India. Before that handstuck postage stamps were used. Handstuck stamps were used in Almora, Dehra Dun, Haridwar, Landour, Mussoorie and Nainital. Court fee stamp of Tehri-Garhwal princely state are included. How the name Dehra Dun evolved in 200 years of postal history of this area is elaborated. Formation of Uttarakhand state in 2000 along with its state symbol (Monal, Brahm Kamal, Buraans, Kasturi Mrig) are presented.

VOW 2018

The second edition of Valley of Words is scheduled for 23-25 November, 2018. We look forward in welcoming you for 3 days of joyous celebration.


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